Why Snack Delivery?

There are services that deliver pizza and wings, but what about those times when you just want a snack or pint of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream? Snackaholics is especially convenient when you just don't feel like leaving your dorm, apartment, study sessions and now you don't even have to pause your Netflix Binge Session.

How do I order?

Okay so boom *cracks knuckles* Click here to shop. Select the city you are in (Morgantown, WV or Orlando, FL). Choose the items you want, ranging from Ice Cream and Pizza Rolls, to Red Bull and Nutri Grain Bars. Add it to your cart, place your order and now one of our amazing Drivers is on their way to help end those snack cravings.

What is Snackaholics?

With Snackaholics you can get your favorite Snacks & Drinks delivered to you wherever you are. Snackaholics is The Uber Eats of Snack Delivery, known for our excellent customer service & our $1 delivery fee. When you're hungry and the restaurants nearby are too far, order food online and get it delivered to you by Snackaholics.

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